Monday, March 30, 2015

MIRA Stainless Steel French Press, Coffee Plunger 12 oz

MIRA Stainless Steel French Press, Coffee Plunger 12 oz

There are so many french presses, peculators, and coffee machines out there.  You never know the difference until you try it in the new devices.  I tried this coffee plunger and I thought it did really well at keeping grounds out of the coffee.  My family is a big believer in the french presses.  Some how with the steeping it taste so much better.  The flavor is bolder and richer.  I am not kidding, I think you should try it for yourself.  It really makes a difference and This is a perfect french press to start off with.  My wife used to be a barista for a french bakery/coffee shop and she loves this press.

Product Description
    • Brew up delicious cafĂ©-style coffee or tea in this stylish and high-quality French press coffee pot from MIRA brands.
      Double walled, insulated pot will keep your coffee (or tea) hot for up to two hours.
      Brew up to 3 cups (12 fl oz., 350 ml) at a time
      Made from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel
      Three-part stainless steel plunger features an ultra-fine mesh filter

    Saturday, March 28, 2015

    ABX Yoga Towel Review

     This towel is non-skid and it lived up to the test. It is super comfy and soft.  I just love the bright vivid colors.  It works a a wonderful mat for yoga or exercise.  It doubles as a towel too. I used this product for a few weeks now and have noting bad to say about it.  It stayed in place and is very easy to store.  I use it for yoga, Pilates and stretches.  This is one of the longest towels I have used and it is thicker than it looks.  I love the little grips on this because they really do hold it into place.  We use it for wii workouts too.  We are so ecstatic and love this towel.

    Product Description
    ABXs’ mat is soft & flexible, yet strong, supportive and reliable. Designed to cover a standard size yoga mat with a little extra length and width, so that after several washings it will still cover the whole mat. A pocket has been placed in a corner as many yogis like to keep a tissue or two nearby. The high-quality materials used to create the mat towel allow for yogi's to work their edge.
    The towel allows for sweat to easily be soaked up and wicked away, so that yoga practice or exercise may be done without having to dump puddles, eliminating dangerous slippery conditions. Another helpful feature is its portability. It can be placed inside a travel bag and conveniently be taken along and used as your mat for lightweight travel.
    Designed by Yoga Teachers with 40 years of experience. This yoga towel is built to last a lifetime. It can be washed over and over. This mat is all about quality. It has a more Secure Grip for Arm Balances and Inversions; More Grip Dots Than Yogitoes, Allowing for the most secure grip. This is the first EMF reducing yoga towel.
    ABX Non-Slip Yoga Towel will stop you from slipping & sliding. It's simple...the towel sticks to your mat & you stick to the towel, but it does not stick to you.
    Made from a thin, super-absorbent microfiber blend it has a luxurious feel & sure grip with a bacteriostatic design eliminates odors.

    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Original Buddha Board Review

    Original Buddha Board

    This is a god send for my wife because it relaxes her so much!  I really can not say enough good things about it.  She simply paints and it calms her then it disappears  and she can do it again.  Painting is a very relaxing time soothing activity.  Especially for my wife.  She is highly stressed due to my anxiety and problems with being well as she says grouchy all the time.  I am just glad that she has something now to relax her.   Life is enough stress. 

    You paint with a Asian style brush on this board with water in the small base.  shortly after it starts to disappear so you can paint or draw a new picture.  Then wet your brush and paint again.  

    It feels like water calming and it   
    amazes my wife.  

    Product Description
    Master the art of letting go...

    The Original Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. Simply add half an inch of water to the water tray, gently place the board into the notches of the tray, dip your bamboo brush in the water and ‘paint’ on the special surface of the board, watching as your creation boldly comes to life. As the water slowly evaporates your art will magically disappear, leaving you with a clean slate, a clear mind, & ready to create a whole new masterpiece.

    Buddha Board is environmentally friendly - no ink, no paint, no chemicals - and will last for years with proper care.

    I am a blogger and I got a free product in an exchange for an honest unbiased review.

    B Cube Review


    This power bank is an amazing little power bank.  It is a new design and a quite small power bank.  I use it to charge my android phones and tablets.  The design is very cool and my whole family love it since it is not a over sized heavy charger.  This little black charger packs a punch.... at 3k mAh... The style is just streamline.  It charges fast off the computer or wall and has your device fast and extreme charges.   Now if only I can get it back from my family so I can charge my android.   It

    Product Description
    The BCube cell phone portable charger will give you 1 full charge for your Apple iPhone 6 and 1 full charge for your Android Galaxy S4. It charges itself fully in just 3 hours and retains its charge without use!
    The BCube will charge most devices that use USB for power.
    The BCube is small enough to fit perfectly in your pocket or purse to make sure you will always have it when you need it.
    Best sleek and slim design of highest quality material makes it an ideal candidate for a durable partnership.
    The BCube comes in a hard case for greater protection.
    Unibody design provides for the best integration of components.
    One of the smallest and lightest portable chargers on Amazon.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Iyzer cushioned Sports Socks - Coolmax Technology Review

    Iyzer cushioned Sports Socks - Coolmax Technology Review 

    I got these for my wife since she never can find good socks to help her feet.  They are designed to keep your foot comfortable while keeping them cool.  They are cushioned in all the right spots and air vented in the sweaty spots.  She tends to get blisters and blood blisters easily on her feet.  Now she has some protection in these.  She says they really do feel better and more cushioned.  This is just great because now she wants more pairs. I personally think she is hooked on them.  She gets in crazy amounts of pain in her whole body and needs all the help she can get so I think these are a great product .

    Product Description

    Cushioning in the sole and achilles of the sock ensure comfort and prevent blisters
    Moisture wicking fabric prevents the socks from becoming heavy with perspiration even during the longest runs or workouts
    Strategically placed ventilation zone to ensure your feet stay at the perfect temperature
    IyZeR athletic sport socks have been tested and designed to last.
    Stylish design and ultra lightweight.

    Running or Workout Sock with a breathable mesh that helps transfer moisture from the foot to the socks outer layer to keep feet dry. Featuring a Y shaped heel to prevent the sock from sliding down and extra cushion on the heel and ball of the foot.

    ~I am a blogger and I received a product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  No Monetary compensation was received for this review.

    Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press Review

    Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press Review

    I was not ever sent the product to review so I have no idea how it works.  The company wont respond to my messages and I am being made to type up something by Tomoson even thought I did not get the product.

    Product Description
    ~~Elegant Chrome Finish
    •Holds 1500ml, or 50oz
    •Dishwasher Safe
    •Micro-Mesh Filter
    •Works great with coarse-ground coffee or tea leaves

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Neoprene Knee Brace Review

    Neoprene Knee Brace Review

    I was injured a while ago when I was the passenger in a car crash.  They had to do surgery but my knee was never the same.  It hurts to move it at all.  So this helps take some of the stress to help my knee move with more ease.  It seemed to work.  It made it seem easier to walk and bike ride because we have no car.

    This knee brace is a thick material and helps support you knee so you can move it with a little less pain.  It makes it easier to move with less pain and grinding.  It fits perfectly and is high quality with a sleek look.

    Product Description
    Nights compression knee braces are made of neoprene to ensure superior support while maximising flexability in the products, making it easier for older people to handle in being a light weight product as well as slide on their leg without small staprs to try and adjust. The products come in 5 sizes from XS to XL which caters for people of all ages and leg sizing.
    Product Options
    - X-small 31cm - 33cm
    - Small 33cm - 35cm
    - Medium 35cm - 37cm
    - Large 37cm - 40cm
    - X-Large 40cm + 

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