Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rush Hour Jr. Review

Rush Hour Jr. is a solo player game.  It has 40 challenging levels to choose from.  I want to go play it right now just thinking about it. You set up your board and slide the cars around to maneuver your white truck off the board to win.  This game provides hours of brain challenging play that helps your brain keep going.. You need to challenge your brain to keep it and this is a very fun way to do that.  Like any part of your body your brain needs to be exercised and challenged.  I can not think of a funner way to do it than playing this fun game.  Our whole family loves and recommends this game.

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Product Description (from ThinkFun)
Rush Hour® Jr. (5 and up, single player, MSRP: $19.99)
Traffic Jam Logic Game
Just like the classic Rush Hour® game, you shift blocking cars and trucks out of your way to clear a path to the exit. The 40 leveled brainteaser challenges are a fun way to build problem-solving skills. Rush Hour Jr. is ideal for younger ages but still plenty of fun for an adult brain!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bru Joy Premium Garlic Press Stainless Steel with Cleaning Brush Review

Bru Joy Garlic press is an cool tool.  I have to do a lot of the cooking anymore due to my wife's health getting worse.  She loves her food with lots of Garlic.  This is one of the devices to make my life easier.  You do not even have to peel the garlic.  All you do is put the clove in the basket and squeeze.. The peel stays in the basket and the garlic comes right out.  The brush makes for very simple cleaning and its a breeze for me.  I love this device and use it daily in my home.  

Product Description
Smart Cooks' Best Investment! With Bru Joy Garlic Press, Crushing Garlic Cloves Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!
No more stinking hands! Imagine, you are busying cooking and need to add some juicy garlic mince into that yummy dish. You simply pop in an unpeeled garlic clove into Bru Joy Garlic Press' big garlic chamber, press the two easy-grip-handles to give it a good squeeze, beautifully crushed garlic mince all coming out from the holes effortlessly. You flick open the mince head to take out the skins and give the chamber a quick rinse or pop the garlic press into dish-washer. That's it! You enjoy fresh garlic pulp with a breeze!

1. Saves you money. Made of unbreakable, heavy duty stainless steel from head to toe, Bru Joy garlic press is the last garlic press you ever need to buy!
2. Saves you time: Producing juicy garlic mince in seconds. Bru Joy Garlic Press is extremely simple to use.
3. Easy to clean Not only dishwasher-safe, best part is that the mince head flicks open for easy skins-removal.
4. No more smelly hands - you don't need to peel garlic anymore!
5. The end of bland cooking. Add hassle free fresh garlic to your meals everyday!

What Others Say:
"This is the best garlic press I have ever owned. So easy to use and so easy to clean."
"Not flimsy at all, I expect it to last for a really long time."
"Works for peeled AND unpeeled (so convenient!)"
"Excellent product! Worth every penny! Best purchase we have made in a long time."

Don't wait, get yours today, you will love it!
FREE shipping with Prime. Click the yellow Add To Cart button on the top right side NOW! 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's gonna be a fun day! Nebraska's Largest Water Park! Fun Plex!

It's gonna be a fun day! Nebraska's Largest Water Park! Family Fun Nights Family Fun Nights at Fun Plex are the best way in Omaha to entertain and amuse the whole group, all for only one low price! Whip and spin with mom & dad on the classic Tilt-a-Whirl, splash your brother or sister on the bumper boats, and see who in your family is King of the Road on the Fun Plex Speedway Go-Kart Track. There are kiddie rides, kids karaoke, face painting, and special surprises to entertain all night! The whole family plays all night for only $59.95! Details Family Fun Nights run throughout the summer on Friday and Saturday nights from 7:30pm - 11pm. We will occasionally cancel the event because of a private event, holiday, or weather conditions, so be sure to check the website or call the park before your visit. Family Fun Night will not be held Friday, July 4th and Saturday, August 2nd. Family Night ends August 9th. One "family" includes a group of up to six. Age 2 and under are free and do not count towards the family participants. My Readers can receive Unlimited water park wristband at Fun-Plex for only $9.95 on Wet & Wild Weekdays August 18-22 and August 25-29 in the water park. From noon until 6 PM you can get an unlimited water park wristband for only $9.95 plus tax per person through this exclusive offer from

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Natural Nutrition Labs Review

I tried this product in exchange for an honest review.  I love Garcinia Cambogia and we use it regularly, I got to try yet another brand.  I am excited.  Some brands work better so the more the better.  This product works real well with a great diet and workout plan.  No pills work without you putting effort into it.  They help that extra bit you need.  If your in the market for a for a great pill I recommend this one.  I need to lose about 10-15 lbs not a huge amount but enough.  This is a great product for that.  I love this product and can not wait to get better results as I go along.

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Product Description (from company)
Natural Nutrition Labs is a leading provider of dietary supplements on

Our Garcinia Cambogia has been scientifically formulated to reduce the appetite and increase metabolism helping people lose weight. The product is completely natural and does not have any fillers or binders.

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iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door - Review

I got to try this product in exchange for an honest review.. I got this a few weeks ago and hung it up on the front porch and love it.  It closes shut automatically after you walk through so no bugs are bothering you when you are out on the porch.  There are magnets on the inside ends of this product that automatically closes after you walk in.  So if your hands are full you do not have to worry about closing it yourself.  This is a high quality product that holds up to our 5'5 Autistic 12yr old and that is saying something.  Now we can go out on our porch without getting swarmed by bugs.  I really do love this product and highly recommend it.
(from Company)
If you've tried other flimsy magnetic screen door before, you'll notice the difference right away. #1 Best Screen has toughest, heavy mesh construction. Mosquitos and biting bugs stand no chance.

#1 Best Screen has the full 83" height stacked with 26 powerful magnets - BURIED in the reinforced adjoining edges, so they'll never break or fall off. Install properly and you will have NO GAPS along the entire vertical closure. No bugs.

The ENTIRE FRAME of iGotTech's #1 Best Screen is lined with reinforced velcro. NO OTHER screen door offers this. With super-duty velcro around EVERY inch along the top and both sides, and additional support nails included, there's NO chance of this screen falling down, and NO chance of bugs.

iGotTech's Creative Department fails us not. Use this Video to ensure you get your #1 Best Screen quickly installed right the first time, to maximize bug-free bliss.

If our #1 Best Screen construction quality, or anything about our product is not up to par: WE WANT TO KNOW. Our Top Priority is your satisfaction, and stand behind our products 100%. That means if you don't like it, you can return it for a FULL refund, no questions asked. Simple as that! No Risk trying this Premium Product Today.

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100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract - Top Weight Loss Product Review

We got try this product in exchange for an honest review.  This product seems to work well  It is great for when your running a bit low on energy and need to lose weight.  This product works well with diet and exercise. If you put too many calories in and do not burn them off this will not show great results.  With all pills you need a great diet plan.  There are not instant miracle drugs but this is close as long as you follow a great diet.  This gave me the bit of extra energy to get through my day.  I have not noticed major weight loss but I been busy lately and have not much time to weigh myself.  I find this pill to be a great value and it works.    

How Does It Work?( from company)

This product's weight loss effects are not caused by caffeine. The key ingredient for weight loss in Green Coffee Bean Extract is called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids works by inhibiting the release of glucose into the body, while at the same time boosting your metabolism and burning fat in the liver. These two mechanisms work together to inhibit the absorption of fat and eliminate weight gain.

Chlorogenic Acid, which is an especially strong antioxidant. Antioxidants act as sponges that stop and sop up free radicals within the body, preventing them from causing oxidative damage.

Standardized to 50% Chlorogenic Acid – No added fillers or binders.

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America's #1 Brain Health Supplement. Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration & Alertness Review

My family got to try Excelerol for a few weeks in exchange for an honest review.  They worked great.  "You can actually feel the blood rushing to your brain." My wife said.  Though she did get a bit of heartburn from the pills but that is because she has an acid re flux problem. They give you a cold tingle in your throat and chest at first.  I have to say I find these worth the money since they do work.  Who could not use a little more brain power?  My family quickly became addicted to these pills and love how they also give you energy to push through the day.  Overall, we really love these pills.
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More about the product from the company:  Product Description
America's #1 Brain Supplement 

Scientifically Formulated;  Supports Memory, Focus, & Alertness.

This product is pioneering advancements in brain health. Clinical studies show that the ingredients in this product are key to improving your memory, concentration, and alertness.

Powered by superior ingredients such as citicoline and phosphatidylserine, This is a  non-prescription brain-health formula that can help support your most valuable asset – your brain.

Our advanced 100% vegetarian liquid capsules allow for rapid absorption. Whether you're studying for a huge test, working on your next genius idea, or just rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to get serious about a big project, This product can help support the memory enhancement, focus, and concentration you need now to reach your optimal brain power.

#1 Doctor Recommended Brain Health Supplement.  
The success stories are great and so are the results.

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