Thursday, October 23, 2014

Smart Weigh 500 x 0.01g Digital Pro Pocket Scale Review

This scale is an ideal food scale.  It is a perfect size to put in your briefcase or purse.  It is real easy to use.  It is a perfect scale to take with you to the restaurant or outing.   So you can be sure your eating the right amount and know you calorie intake.  This is a great product for those who want to take their health into their own hands. :)  It lights up for darker places so it easier to read.  Very easy to follow format.  This is a great tool and I like it.

Product Description
Have you been looking for the perfect on-the-go pocket scale?
One that is lightweight, accurate, and reliable? Look no further – the Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale with its sleek and portable design is exactly what you have been looking for!
Tired of inaccurate weight readings? Ready for an upgrade? The Smart Weigh scale features the highest grade precision with the latest technology.
Weigh Master!
This scale will help you accomplish a wide variety of weighing needs. It will do so accurately and to perfection!
Features a unique and simple design with its stainless steel 3.94” x 3.7” platform. It is easy to operate by using the four sleek chrome buttons.

  • Features - the top500 is strong, accurate, fast, and user-friendly; will work great for any of your mailing, jewelry, reloading, and cooking needs
    Functions - this scale can double up as a postal scale; the pcs function gives you an accurate count and the hold function will lock weight readings
    Design - features a clear LCD screen lit by a bright blue backlight; will display readings in g, OZ, OZT, dwt, GN, and CT
    Precision - manufactured with high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings; weighs up to 500 grams in 0.01 Increments
    Includes - 2 AAA batteries with a two minute auto shut off feature; the tare function will provide a net weight

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Moringa Fit 1200 Review

Moringa Fit 1200 is a high potency herbal supplement.  It is a wonderful metabolism booster and fat burner.  While I used this product I had less constipation and more alertness.  Not to mention the energy because it made me feel great.  Take two in the morning and pow you are ready to get going.   This product is great quality and I did some research and found out it seems to live up to the hype.  

100% Pure Natural Moringa Oleifera leaf Powder Capsules are a Potent All Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement - Recognized By The National Institutes Of Health As A Superfood Providing High Levels Of Vitamins, Nutrients, Minerals, Amino Acids, Protein, Anti-Oxidant and Anti- Inflammatory Rich and Contains 40% Protein and Daily Fiber Contains Bio Available Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients and Amino Acids (including all 8 essential ones)
Moringa Oleifera tree leaves belong to the family of dark green leafy vegetables, a food group particularly rich in nutrients. In particular, the leaves are a good source of proteins, calcium, iron, ß-carotene (converted to vitamin A in the human body), vitamin C and vitamin E.100 grams of fresh leaves will bring twice as much nutritive material as 100 grams of most other vegetables. They provide 20 amino acids (including ALL the essential ones) and a huge array of macro and micro minerals.

Moringa Oleifera is a classifieds as a Superfood with 90+ nutrients ( and has been declared by the National Institutes of Health as the most nutrient-rich plant known at this time) and has been proven through traditional use and clinical research to
  • Boost energy, metabolism and immune system
    Provides over 90 vital nutrients including Vitamins minerals and amino acids to protect your whole body.
    Promotes mental clarity and sharpness
    Rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties
    Aid for digestion, sleep, weight control, skin care
Eating 100 grams fresh Moringa Oleifera tree leaves provides you with
  • as much protein as an egg,
    as much calcium as a big glass of milk,
    as much iron as a 200 grams beef steak,
    as much vitamin A as a carrot
    as much vitamin C as an orange.

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Hydracentials Sporty 25 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

My wife and I got the chance to try this water bottle in exchange for an honest review.  This water bottle is made of stainless steel and is a good quality product.  It stays cold for a very long time and holds up when dropped on the cement.  This is a perfect sports bottle that is also amazing for walking and hiking.   I am always on the look out for a great product for me and my family.  I love this water bottle and use it daily.

Product Description
Hydracentials Sporty 25 Oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip Cap and Straw- BPA Free- Eco Friendly- Great for Hiking, Biking, At the Gym, or Simply on the Go- Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Keeps Drinks Cold For Hours
  • The Hydracentials Sporty 25 oz Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is perfect for use at the gym, at the office, around your house and anywhere you need to take your beverage of choice with you. The loop at the top provides an extra convenient way to carry, or can hook onto backpacks or carabineers.
    Made from durable and sturdy PREMIUM QUALITY 18/8 FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL, this Hydracentials Sporty 25 ounce water bottle is a great eco friendly sports bottle. This double wall insulated water bottle is PERFECT for carrying while walking, hiking, camping, use at the gym or just on the go- as it fits great in most car cup holders. No more spills and messes while driving!
    Ditch those plastic water bottles! GO HEALTHY with this BPA Free, FOOD GRADE stainless steel water bottle that holds a large capacity of liquids 25 fluid ounces and no longer worry about toxins and chemicals leaching into your beverage. Drink crisp, clean, healthy and refreshing drinks from Your Hydracentials Water Bottle every time.
    Just Fill and Go! This sporty bottle features a flip up spout and straw drinking mechanism allows the ease of staying hydrated even while on the go! The flip cap top provides single-handed drinking ability and is perfect for your busy life on the go! Stay hydrated and DRINK MORE WATER with this large capacity 25 ounce water bottle.
    COLD LIQUIDS ONLY! This is a double wall insulated water bottle is made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel water bottle, which is only recommended for use with cold beverages due to the flip spout and straw drinking mechanism. DO NOT USE WITH HOT LIQUIDS. Drinking hot liquids from a straw is not a pleasurable experience and there for this bottle is a cold beverage water bottle only!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wearever Stylish and Comfortable Leak-Control Undergarments for Men & Women Review + Giveaway

These undergarments are great.  They look and feel like real underwear but have a discreet area to absorb the moisture from slight accidents.  When you have bladder issues its is embarrassing enough to have it but you do not want to wear big adult diapers.  It also keeps the moistness away from you so you can not be only focused on leaks.  It is great to have a peace of mind.  Now with these I have that.

Can be found here.

ver have embarrassing leakage moments or accidents? Do you leak a little when you laugh or sneeze? Stay comfortable and feel confident and protected with Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear solutions!

Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear: Choose Wearever Underwear for maximum protection and reusability. Our selection of absorbent male and female undergarments feature sewn-in Unique-Dri™ pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor reducing Agion™ antimicrobial fibers. Whether you have minor leaks or major ones, these underwear help you feel protected and comfortable. Most importantly, these underwear help maintain your dignity since they look and feel just like traditional underwear! Say goodbye to disposable adult diapers and pads once and for all. Wearever offers a variety of styles to meet every preference and come with light, moderate and heavy absorbency options depending on what you need. They are also more environmentally friendly contributing zero waste per year compared to more than 1,100 to 1,500 adult diapers sent to landfills per person. They're also less expensive, saving the average user about $500 a year over the cost for disposables since you can wash and re-use Wearever products hundreds of times. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Gurin Mid Size Electric Dehumidifier Review

Gurin Mid Size Electric Dehumidifier.  This machine is awesome.  Not only does it pull all the extra humidity from the air but it stops the bathroom mold in its tracks, I love it.  We tried it now in our home for a month.  We have not seen a spot of mold grow in our bathroom.  Our bathroom is horrible. It has no ventilation system.  OUr home is from 1900 exactly.  It is an old model.  Mold grows like crazy in the old homes.  This machine has been in our bathroom pulling every bit of water out.  We freaked when we first saw it.  It got full over night.  This machine is by far one of my favorite all time reviews.

Product Description
The Gurin Mid Size Electric Dehumidifier uses Peltier Technology (no compressor) which makes it light and quiet. This is a perfect item if you are having a hard time dealing with mold or mildew in your bathroom, on your boat or R.V. or in your house. It extracts the moisture from the air and stores it in a spill-proof reservoir. Just plug it in and it quietly dries the air. Features an automatic shut off switch to shut the unit off when the water reservoir is full. When this occurs a"full" indicator light will alert you when the reservoir needs to be emptied. Holds up to 1500 ml of water.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wine Club from Uncorked Ventures Review

Wine is an exact science. The taste matters.  All the hard work put into making a great wine makes it a perfect treat.  Once it hits your glass and that first sniff is addicting.  Swirling your wine to make sure it gets as much air as possible.  Wine making is hard work the harder the work the better the taste.  I got to try the special red from the Special Selections Wine Club.  It was so delicious the flavor in your mouth was like a burst of dark fruit flavors.   I have not tried anything like it.  It was the best wine I have had in a while.  I am a Cabernet person and was floored by the flavor and boldness of this wine.  

Uncorked Ventures is a wine club for the wine connoisseur.  It makes a perfect fit with us.  It is around $40 a month and you get one white and one red to top any menu.  There is tons of options from one time to bi-monthly,1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, or quarterly.  What ever fits your budget and your palate.   

Your Club Membership Includes:
2 bottles of wine - 1 red and 1 whiteDiscounts on re-ordersThe best quality wine club under $100Monthly newsletter detailing featured wines, wineries & winemakers10% off all purchases from the Uncorked Ventures online storeFirst dibs on all last call wines, before they are offered to the public 

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